Peter Bakker

CRM minded, service oriented and passion for change. I help customers to innovate, put customer at the center of their business and help them to embrace change. I create support for change within organizations and help design solutions to enable end users to excel in their day to day work.
06 - 4024 7855

biz development

Lars Klumpes

Lars Klumpes
My focus is driving growth for both our customers as well as ourselves. I strongly believe in user centric design and the “unfair advantage” that Salesforce can bring to our customers. I’d love to invite you for a brainstorming session at our brand new office at the Design Center Amsterdam.
06 - 4604 0338


Dico Timmerman

Customer focused, combined with execution and delivery power. I enable clients get the most out of the Salesforce platform by delivering tailor made, future proof and sustainable solutions. The Service we deliver after the first implementation ensures the continued customer success.
06 - 2883 5033

Willem Fenengastraat 4c
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